“I asked Alicia if she would paint my cement wall so that it looked as if it was a brick wall with vegetation. There’s only one problem. The painting is so convincing, that most people who see it naturally assume it’s a real brick wall, and fail to appreciate it until I point it out. I heartily recommend her.”

Ron Rosner, Madison, WI 

“Working with Alicia is a real joy. Her ability to visualize the potential of a space through color and design, transforms the most mundane into something special.”
Joe W., Madison, WI

“Alicia completed five projects in my house. When the walls were done, each project was so much more than I had imagined! I never tire of my walls – they delight me every day.”
Karen Carlson, Madison, WI

“Alicia is a gifted artist, energetic, and has an innate sense of knowing what will enhance a room to reflect the mood of her client. And her costs are reasonable. I look forward to working with Alicia on other projects in the upcoming year.”
Greta F., Madison, WI

“I am truly amazed every time I descend the stairs into my basement, where Alicia created the underwater Ocean mural. There are so many fish that seem to swim in and out of the scene, that my visitors are continually entertained.”
-Joanna Grace, Madison, WI

“My room is everything I wanted it to be!”
Benji, Madison, WI

“I will be honest, I loved it (a dog portrait) so much it brought tears to my eyes – very happy tears!”
Patti, WI