Alicia’s passion for portraiture is evident in her quest to capture and recreate the individual character and personality of each subject. Commissioned paintings are done in acrylic or oil, on canvas, wood or board. Alicia will work from your photographs (or arrange to do a photo shoot, for an additional fee) and can accommodate any size.

Prices vary depending on size of canvas and how much of the figure is represented. Terms are 50% down, 50% upon completion and approval. Clients pay for shipping and handling.

Traditional Portraits….
Traditional paintings are done in a classical style, often with a touch of whimsy… “Classic Lite” if you will…

Alicia prefers to work in oils, unless the portrait is over 3 feet, then she use acrylics. Price is determined by the size of the canvas, the complexity of the design, the number of figures and how they are to be represented.

Framing is the responsibility of the client.

Life-Size Perfect Pet Portraits…
Well-behaved and hypo-allergenic, your Perfect Pet excels at “sit” and “stay” (but not very good at “fetch”). No muss or fuss, no high cost food bills or vet visits, landlords love them (bosses too), they don’t need to go outside on cold rainy nights and will keep you company for decades to come!

Please email Alicia for a free estimate on portraits!